Zefira“Zefira, a magnificent, lean aluminium and carbon 50 metre yacht. A project in which, together with our designers, we put our heart”

Experienced european owners brought together a top team of Dubois, Fitzroy and Tessier to produce their dream yacht: sleek, sophisticated and impressive under sail.

Zefira is the biggest Dubois sloop ever built without a flying bridge, a decision that was driven by the owners for stylistic reasons.They wanted long, lean and clean lines. “The emphasis was on a very clean, sleek design that would stand the test of time” says Malcolm McKeon of Dubois.

The push for a single level between bridge, saloon and cockpit, combined with ultra-sleek aesthetics, nudged the Dubois design team into new territory. “To get good visibility from the helmstations we had to work hard to lower the accommodation as much as possible, while keeping an open feeling” adds McKeon.

The interior, styled and drawn by Remi Tessier, features a combination of bleached timbers and white leather which results in clean modern lines and provides bright comfortable living areas.

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